Thursday, October 21, 2010

You dont have .. because you DON'T ask

"How beautiful are God's creations!"

 Hello every one .. I have been so busy that I have forgotten to tell you about our new 40 Day Ask Event that I am participating at my Church.

From Oct 17, 2010  for 40 days we will be Asking God for him to manifest his power in our lives.
When I received the Pamphlet  and read the Tittle.. "You don't have .. because you don't Ask'.. It hit home.. and I thought this is my chance.. God is telling me that it is okay to be specific and Ask him for something special .

Well I have and I am going to keep asking him for as long as it takes until he answers. I am going to be like that Annoying woman in the bible that keep harassing the judge to judge her cause. every morning she waits at the door for him to get out of his home and walk to work and through out his journey she is calling upon him to judge her cause.. mind you this man has no respect for God or for his fellow man and if he is willing top judge her cause so that she stops harassing him,.. I know that God will be more than willing to Answer my plea.

 I will leave you with this, when ever you feel like you are alone and the enemies are surrounding you and you feel like there is no one there to help.. Please call upon the Mighty name of Jesus and  ASK him to send his Angels to protect you. When you encounter a person who is doing you harm or harm to your loved one.. call upon the Lord and pray this

"Lord, have mercy on this person, for they don't know what they are  doing. They don't  know that they are hurting someone who belongs to You" 

Sunday 10/17/10-- Ask
Monday 10/18/10-- Ask
Tuesday 10/19/10-- Ask
Wednesday 10/20/10-- Ask
Thursday 10/21/10-- Ask  and Continue to ask.. until he answers

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