Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello my friends.. Since the Holidays are right around the corner and we all know that Gifts for the little ones are a must and we know how expensive that can be.

This year I am going to save some $$$$ I told my nephews that we can take a trip to Disneyland but we won't be buying a ton of gifts specially TOYS! they agreed and I was pleased to see how they took the time to analyze the offer and  they both said Disneyland.. and  NO toys.

But I know that when we are kids (an even as adults) we love to unwrap gifts. So I am looking for great bargains on gifts for my Nephew and Niece. well Nieces. (I have one and my boyfriend  has one too, so that means I have 2 Nieces)

Anyways I am a huge Hello Kitty Fan and now I have two little nieces that I will pass the Hello Kitty love to. I just found the cutest lunch boxes, I specially love it because it has all the characters and it cost $12.50.
 I will take a trip to target or look on-Line for small items to fill the box with. Like  little tissues, erasers, lip glosses anything that I can find at the doll arr store that says Hello Kitty. 

When I was about 7 or 8 my Aunt Vicky bought me this huge light blue Hello Kitty (SANRIO) Mystery  Bag and I remember how excited I was to receive that gift. It was filled with little things that I loved so much , so just like my aunt was able to surprise me with all that HKcuteness, I am hoping to do the same to B and D.

I also found a cute Laptop Sleeve to keep my precious MAC BOOK safe with the exact pattern..
so so cute.
These will make great Gifts for your Hello Kitty Lovers..
And Now I must Say ADIOUS!!
  I have to go now.. I just wanted to share my new special treats

xoxoxo sea =0

PS... don't forget , keep Jesus in ur heart and a prayer in ur mind.. Blessings to all and May you have a GREAT day .

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