Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I DO...

Greeting and Happy Monday hope u are all having a wonderful day and may the Lord in Heaven cover you and all your loved ones with his power.

Mondays are always so hard for me.. I wish we had just one more day in our weekends and that Monday was our  3rd day off.

I had a wonderful weekend I spent the entire weekend with Family and in the Presence of the Lord/

Saturday after a little early Saturday morning cleaning we headed of at noon to see my aunt and uncle along with 6 other couples be join in Holy Matrimony - they were all married already by a civil union but now they were going to get Married by the church.
 LOL.. They looked so cute

After the ceremony .. we had a nice dinner and it was very nice, the rest of the brides and grooms were so excited and many of them were crying.. that is so cute..

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