Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Tuesday!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday.. Hope all is well and I just wanted to take some time to share something.. I have been in a get fit  mode for over a year and  I am so Happy to say that I am finally seeing results.. YEAH!!!

my clothes are fitting loose and I am able to move faster.. As I mentioned before I was very active.

But then I became and adult and I had to work and go to school  and POOOOFFF there went my exercise routine and here came the extra pounds.. can I hear a Muffin Top!!.. I did not even know what that meant.. till I started to grow one I decided to get back to the swing of things and I am so happy.. I am seeing results.. Don't get me wrong I am not that heavy , but I am only 5'1" so that means I should not weight more than 115 and I do so I have to get rid of that. Its mot healthy and I am too young to worry about heart disease and high cholesterol.

well that's all I have for now.. will keep you posted later.

Remember take care of your self now.. so that you can avoid major health problems later..


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