Monday, August 30, 2010

The Psychology of Being Trapped

On the eve of my mothers much awaited 63rd birthday !! yeah Mommy.. Thank GOD for blessing me with you!!

I am also keeping in my prayers the family of the Chilean Miners that are trapped, I can only imagine what their families might be going through. On a positive they are all still alive and I pray that God in his infinite Mercy allows them to survive this ordeal and that they may get another chance at life. May he grant them the strenght to continue and may he send them comfort, may they feel secure even under uncertainties and may they stay strong in their faith and in their love, May they not experience that trapped feeling that every one under those conditions might experience and may they find brotherly love and support. And most importantly may their eyes once again see the light of day and may their arms hug their loved ones again. Blessings to them and their family and to all the volunteers that are working to set them free, lord may it be your hands guiding them and may it be you that guides and secures the drilling so that success can be guaranteed.

Let this be a lesson to all of us.. to appreciate our Family and our loved ones, we are on this earth for a finite amount of time and any day and any hour the Lord might call our soul back home, so take time to Love. Take time to show you care, take time to tell those that are important to you.. that You Love them.

On their Birthdays make a BIG deal ( it is a Big deal) specially our Moms Birthdays.. without them .. we would not be here.

So I ask the lord to bless my mom with many .. many... many more birthday to come.. May her heart and eyes be filled with Love, Joy Happiness and Health. May she have wonderful years to come full of Happiness and may the desires of her heart become a reality. May God grant her a happy and blessed family and may she cry tears of joy and not sorrow. May she live the rest of her life in the presence of the Lord and may he cover her in his abundant Love.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

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