Tuesday, September 7, 2010

long weekend... COME BACK!!

Hello every one.. I have been busy with Moms birthday.. we has a whole lot of fun.. And we even had a great long well rested weekend.. My nephew loss his Front Baby tooth last night.. and was excited to see the tooth fairy and see what he was going to leave for him.. Long gone are the $1 a tooth day. Now inflation and with the advancement of Children's intelligence.. we have to pull more dollars for the tooth fairy. My Nephew said.. this tooth is Big.. I think I am getting $5 dollars for it.. LOL.. and yes you guess it .. the tooth fairy was feeling giving and left him a fresh $5 bill.

To make matters more interesting the little sister was sitting there looking at the Space where the tooth used to be and the $5 and I knew what was going on in her brain.. MMM.. tooth = cash. lets see how long it lasts before she starts saying that one of her teeth is loose.

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