Sunday, August 22, 2010

War and Battle

Today I was blessed to go to church and take my niece and my nephew to Sunday school. After service I always ask them what did they learn ? They are still small , my niece is 5 yrs and my nephew is 7 yrs old.. they show me their assignment for the day.. which usually consists of a bible verse and and entire page full of colors and drawings.

Then they proceed to tell me what the Sunday school teacher attempted to teach them. Sometimes it does not go that well because there is always a story about another child who happens to misbehave, but today, it was different , I asked them what the subject for their lesson was and they replied.. "What was yours, what did u learn??

So I felt surprised and did not expect to get that reply..specially since today.. it was one of those services where you know GOD is talking to you.. because everything that comes out of the Man of God is exactly what you need to hear. So I proceeded to tell them how we Learned about "Forgiveness" and having a heart full of Joy and empty of anger, resentment and hate. And how if GOD sees us walking around with a heart full of all this garbage , he can never make us happy. How we need to allow GOD to cleanse our being and make us new individuals, how we need to be different from the rest of the world.. and how we need to forgive those who have harmed us.

My nephew.. then replied.. MMMmm we learned the same thing.. =D

and them they showed me their work as usual.. a page with a bible verse and a study guide which has been covered completely with drawings..

But even if they bring back a page filled with drawings, My nephew draws whales and my niece draws monkeys... I hope that small baby seeds of faith are being planted and that as they grow these little seeds grow until the day arrives that they will be ready to mature and bloom.

When that day comes.. I pray that they are ready for War and Battle and that God covers them with all his Armor and gives them victory.

Blessings to all and may you all have a Blessed week

sea xoxox

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