Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Topless protesters turn heads at Venice Beach

Topless protesters turn heads at Venice Beach

As much as I appreciate fighting for women's equality , this is a tad bit over board.
If women want to go Top Less than maybe there should be a beach where they can do so. As long as their rights don't interfere with other peoples rights.

I for one like to take My nephew and my niece to the beach and as children we teach them that our bodies are beautiful and that certain parts need to be covered for our own safety and protections.

If women want to bare their chest , great do so.. I just dont wan't that right to interfere with mine and that of my Nephews. As children I do not think its appropriate for them to see bare breasted women , let alone at the beach.

next week we will have a man figting to be allowed to walk around in full Camando .. and well I ask how far is too far??

As a civilized society there are certain restrictions that citizens need abide to, that have nothing to do with Equal rights, or with discrimaniation against men or women.

The same way SEX on the Beach is not allowed walking around topless ( for women) falls in the same category.

But if women want to expose themselves then be it.. just like Smokers.. find a location and do as you please. Just don't think that your right to do so .. over rides my right to not have to be exposed to that.

Ask for a beach that is designated strictly for "free to go Bare" and I will make sure to respect your right and not go there with kids.

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