Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Desert

Sometimes.. life feels like we are being dragged thru the desert. Sometimes.. we might asks our selves how much longer can I bear the burdens of this life? On those occasions.. I want you all to remember that there is hope.. as long as we are alive there is Hope for greatness and for a new life.

When you are tired and weary and want to give up.. remind your self that there is a reason why you are in this world.. and call upon God to show you what is that reason..

I have a purpose.. I just don't know what it is yet.. But I pray to God in the name of his Son and pray that he sends the Holy Spirit to guide me and show me which way to go.

The same applies to you.. YOU also have a Purpose, you just need to discover what that purpose is.

Remember even in the dryest desert life still exist.. beautiful cactus and other plants still flourish. So if you are going thru the desert and your life seems to be over whelming.. call upon he who can deliver you and who will help you Flourish.

in faith and with Love
sea =0D xoxoxo

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