Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Climb that Mountain!!

what's on mind.. what's on my mind..??

I am sitting here thinking about life ( Yet Again) .. Yesterday I climbed a huge Mountain.. Honestly I did... I huffed and puffed all the way up to it.. I had set in mind that this time I was not doing it for a physical reward (exercise) .. But that I was in search of a Spiritual reward.

I was drained tired and I had a bad day .. at work I felt trapped.. I felt like I was in a cage and I wanted to run out.. But I was not able.. I am responsible and I want my job.. but I was having a " moment" .. a what Am I doing with my life moment.. A I want so much out of life and my mind is tired of thinking " what do I do next ? ".

I felt loss and like I needed to scream .. vent to do something..

Anyways work day was over and I headed with a lot of apprehension to the Mountain.
I have been climbing this mountain for a couple of weeks.. I am on a get fit or burst Mode.

But this time it was different. I climb and I said to myself.. " I will be at the highest point that I can be.. and I will be that much closer to GOD.."

As I went up and felt all the pain in my legs and bottom that I could bear .. I kept telling myself.. make it to the top .. U have to.

I got the strength that I did not know I still had.. As I started I was so tired that I said " God don't let me die doing this climb" because I was so exhausted..

But anyways .. I made it to the Top.. and as I walked to the Pinnacle of the Hill... I called upon God and I evoked him in the Name of His Son and I asked for the Holy Spirit to come to me and fill me with strength.

And I proceeded to make this prayer .. I asked GOD for guidance.. I asked him for Help.. I asked him to speak to me. I asked to show me my purpose and I asked for blessings in my life .. my spiritual , Sentimental and Financial.. I felt so much better and my mind felt so much at ease..

Today I will do it again.. for I fear that the every day Hassel are blocking my mind and are not allowing me to think..

I need to think out side the box.. I need to dance to the beat of my own drum , I need to make a decision that will be beneficial to my soul and to my pocket book..

Anyways .. I just thought I would share with you al this.. I am on a Journey ..I am trying to find myself and the place that I will play in this world.. Not an easy thing to do.. so I pray That GOD in his infinite mercy .. can help me and guide me through this.. and that I may glorify his Holy name, in what ever I decide to be or do.

xoxoox sea

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