Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cortizone Shots...

In My previous entry I told you guys that my shoulder is killing me.. well I have been doing the same repetitive work for about 8 years, so I think my shoulder is telling me to STOP hurting it.   And I am hearing him loud and clear, I have soreness and my neck even hurts, the worst part was that now I am having pain even when I sleep. So I am taking Friday off to go and search for some relief , and I am fearing that I may need a Cortisone shot.  I have had one before in my right wrist for the same stress related inflammation and it helped a great deal. But I hear that those shots are not good for our bodies. I am going to do some research, I must admit the last time I had one was about 4-5 years ago and well my wrist hurt so much that I didn't think twice about getting it. And it did help a great deal. So if I have the option , I think I will end up taking it.. I just want the pain to go away.

Have you guys had a Cortisone Shot before and if so, let me know what you think? and If you refuse to get them also please let me know..I want to get some feedback on it.

 I fear that I have a Shoulder Bursitis and that  I will need some major thing done to my shoulder. But one thing I know for sure.. I can't stand the pain any longer, At the beginning I just thought I was sore and tired from all the manual lifting and typing.. but I get no relief even when I am not at work.. so its bad now. Also you may ask why didn't you go to the Doctor sooner... well I was working a Full shift at my Job, but was still considered a Part time Employee...which translates to NO INSURANCE.. I barely got it about 5 months ago. But was trying to wait for beginning of the year to get all the Doctors Visit and to save on having to pay my deductible twice within 4- 5 month time. I know I should have Not done it and boy do I regret it.. =(..

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