Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am sore...

Hello every one..hope you are all doing well, been quite busy and I am reallytired. I have had the same Job for almost 8 years and It seems like it is taking a toll on my health. MY body aches all the time and I feel pain on my right shoulder and arm. Also my wrists feel sore and hurt. Yes.. u guessed it I have an Office Job and man do these Jobs do a number on your body. Well I just wanted to let you guys know that I am working on my own web site and Ihope tohave it running soon. I am going to be blogging and putting up a litle on line store. Hope to get some Love and Support from all of you.

Well gotta get backbreak is over...

xoxoxo Liz blessings to you and dont forget to cheerish the time we have and enjoy it with loved ones..


  1. Ahhh! Thank you for your lovely comment..I'm taking friday off to go see Doctor.. I might need a Cortizone Shot =O