Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Guinea Pig is in Heaven

I am so sad and I feel so bad, one of our Pet Guinea Pigs died this morning.  We have 2 little Pet guineas and they love to eat, and make funny sounds, but yesterday when I got home, I checked in on them to see if they had food and to change the water and our Damien Michael Sniffy ( that's her name) was not her happy bouncy self. It was about 8:30 pm, so I changed their bedding and gave them fresh water and food , but she was not interested, she just wanted to lay down. She moved 3 times , very slowly and refuse to eat. That's when I knew something was not right. I thought it might be the Cold that was bothering her, So I put some Warm t shirts inside their home. Her baby stayed with her all this time and did not move. I figured she would be ok, and we would take her to the Vet today. But at 4:45 am when I got up to check on them, She was no longer alive she was still warm , but had no heart rate and was stretched out =(...

The baby Guinea, that's  her name my nephew just named her that, she isn't a baby anymore she is now full grown  was laying next to her mother and did not move until I removed her from her bedding. I changed the bedding and put DM Sniffy in a Black Shoe box. We will be laying her to rest this evening. My nephew is sad this was his pet and does not understand why we have to die.

To many people this may sound weird and I know some won't understand, but we are Pet Lovers as long as I can remember we have always had some kind of pets. We have had dogs and Rabbits,  Parakeets, Cockatoos and Snakes, Fish ( all types) and  Doves, and even a cat for a brief moment , I am allergic to them.  They become part of our family and they even take on our last names, so when one of them dies, it's  a loss to the family one of its members is gone and we have to deal with the loss.  3 years ago I loss my Floppy he was my Dog and I felt horribly, my co worker didn't understand why I felt so sad, I told him, you obviously have never had the pleasure and privilege to know unconditional love that dogs or pets in general give. They become our play mates when we don't have one, our siblings when the ones we have are too busy to spend time with us and our guardians when our parents are away and we are home alone. And the hardest thing to do is to see your beloved Pet slowly leaving and you not being able to do anything to help them.

As always even on their last breath they teach us a lesson, both my Floppy and Sniffy were so peaceful, all they wanted to do was sleep, and they just kept looking at me.. and all I could say was.. I am sorry you don't feel well and rub their back. And tell them Thank You for being such great Pets and for Loving me. The pets that remain  also teach us a lesson, they teach us Love and Fidelity, Compasion and Empathy. Both My Dog Brownie and the Baby Guinea stayed next to their friend  until they expired, not leaving their side to eat or drink, and not moving even after they were gone, keping them warm by just laying next to them. That is devotion and Love and friendship until death a qualities that the majority of us  humans are incapable of  giving.

Many in this world put their dying parents into homes and are not at their bed side when they breath their last breath. But Animals they do , they stay there with you till the end and they truly mourn you and feel the loss.
Here is a Video of our Babies, Damien Michael Sniffy is the one with  the brown and white face they other one is her baby.

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