Sunday, May 2, 2010


Hi.. Everybody in Cyberspace...I am sooooo excited that we are in the month of May... its my Birth Month and I plan to enjoy Every day of the month..

On 04/30 -- I went to see Nightmare on Elm Street.. it was good but totally prefer the OG one. Then went to eat a whole platter of sea addiction .. with my Shibi..

on the 1st 05/01 -- went shopping with mom.. found a cute spring dress that I will wear for my Bday..had lunch and had some quality time with mom..then went to dinner and had the best shrimp tacos ever with my shibi...

on the 2nd 05/02-- I went to church ... love Jesus and will be going out with my mom again in the hunt for new dress pants for Dad.

tomorrow the 05/03-- back to work Yuck!! and will go to the gym. Yeah !!

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