Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can't buy self esteem at the the Mall

so yesterday I spent the entire day at the Century City mall, and u was planing on going to Watch Sex and the City, but it did not happen.. all showing were sold out until 10:45 pm. Anyways I spent 3 hours at H&M and I came home with some goodies. Then we headed to Bloomingdale's.. and the MAC counter while there I was paying attention to my friend and i realized that we are all not blessed with High Self Esteem, that some of us our parents have left deep wounds that effect the way we look at ourselves when we are adults.
I wish that all girls and women had loving mothers to show them how to become independent and strong women , but that is sometimes not the case. And sometimes we need to look inside our souls to learn who we really are and all the negatives that others say about us should be erased from our memory banks

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