Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day..

hello every one, I am taking a couple of minutes to update and wish every one a happy long weekend.. may it be fun and filled with excitement.

What are my plans for this weekend.. lets see
Friday: Date night with my baby we are going to see ( The Prince of Persia) .
Saturday : Girls day out with my friend Rosy continue my b-day celebration almost done, hit the Mac Counter and Watch Sex and the City 2
Sunday : Church with Family and Lunch with Mom maybe we take a trip to Macy's
Monday: BBQ with the boyfriend..

I will make sure I get some rest specially since my Nephew AKA my partner in crime will not be home this weekend I have to find something to do.. so I will keep myself busy.

And even though I do not have any one in the Military , living or fallen I want to Thank the Families who do and send them Blessings and a Great Big Thank you to the Men and Women of the Armed Forces those who served and those who are still serving.. May God bless and keep you all safe.
And for those heroes whom we remember this Monday.. THANK YOU!!!
"What greater love , but to sacrifice ones life for others.. for that I thank You ".

xoxoxoxo sea

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