Friday, May 21, 2010

Indian Food Yum Yum ..

Hello there been away due to Family issues... UGH!!!! any way I am back and I have so much that I missed posting.. like my Birthday.... I ate the cake and did not take a picture so I will post a picture of that later..

I am still celebrating I use up the entire month to celebrate.. Yesterday I went with my friend Jo to eat Indian food. First time and I was not sure how it was going to be. we went to the Electric Lotus on Franklin and Vermont . And even thought he reviews were mostly negative, I really enjoyed the food. So try not to listen to others and their reviews.

Here is the address : 1870 N. Vermont Ave. (Franklin Ave.) Los Angeles, CA 90027

We had Curry Chicken with Yellow curry mixed with red bell pepper, Spinach and potato's and lentils (Yum Yum) and flat bread.. really good. And the Service was nice, maybe just a bit too eager to help. The best part was at the end we had this nice waiter who came to pack up our food to take and boy was he fast... it was like a mini show..very humble.

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