Thursday, December 1, 2011

December is Here and it's arrival can be deadly

OMG!!! I love winter and the Holidays , but this year December has come with a vengeance. In LA LA Land we are so used to sunny days and warm winters, so when we are struck by a cold winter breeze we are all in panic mode. But to be honest this year the winds are stronger and scarier. As I sit on my bed listening to the wind and looking out my window, I see a mini tornado arriving. Our tree in the front yard is being shook back and forth and our little gazebo is being tossed back and forth and OMG!! it looks like it is bout to take flight. The wind is so strong that its knocking things over and breaking tree branches. It is 1:30 am and the wind has just knocked tables and chairs over. I think if I go out there I will be flown back to Kansas with my Ruby Red slippers. My mom and brother  are outside trying to secure things better get in before she's lifted up from the ground. 

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