Sunday, December 4, 2011

Love the inner child in all of us

Saturday I had the privilege to attend the Coca Cola Adelante Tour. And all I can say is WOW!! My friend invited me and I am so grateful she did. I was in  Forum for Latina women and I got to meet some amazing women. I would like to say Thank You! to Coca Cola, Sandra Cisneros, Michele Ruiz, Isasara Bay, Nell Merlino, Nely Galan , and all the women who were present at the Coca-Cola Adelante Forum. It is really hard to be a Latina with a dream and not have mentors or other women similar to yourself to look up to. But yesterday I finally felt like I belong, I was so happy to be surrounded by all my sisters who had similar dreams and aspirations. And I finally was able to embrace what makes me an outcast in my own community. In the words of Sandra Cisneros, I am embracing being a Chingona and I am proud to be one. And Thanks to Michelle Ruiz I was finally able to "Let it Go to Grow", I had such an Amazing time and learn so much that I am so eager to share with the rest of the world.

My most favorite part of the event was when they asked us pull our baby picture out, We had been asked to take a picture of us when we were small, I chose one of myself when I was about 4-5 years old. I was in El Salvador wearing a soft light blue dress and my hair was long with a bow on the side. So when we all took out our pictures, we were asked to take a good look at that Little girl in the picture, and I am being honest when I say this, when I looked at myself in the picture my heart broke. I felt so much sadness and pain and I was embarrassed because I had big drops falling out of my eyes. But I looked around and I wasn't the only one. I realized that we shared one more thing in common , PAIN we were all touched by the sight of the little girls that stared back at us. We were then told to look at that little girl and promise her to be the best mother we could be to her. There was no one with a dry eye in that room. I realized there and then that most of us Latinas have been raised by mothers who were never mothered and loved. Their unresolved issues and pain were passed down from generation to generations and as a consequence we are left with so many issues that need to be resolved. I finally understood why I was crying, I felt all the emotions rush me and I realized that I always wanted to feel a mothers love. I always longed for affection, for  my parents to see me and love me for who I am . The words were spoken and we had to repeat them to our selves, I realized that I was still that little 5 year old wanting to be accepted and loved. So I promised to do just that I WILL LOVE MYSELF and be the best mom I can be to my 5 year old self. She is still living in me and unless I love her and acknowledge her pain, she won't be able to blossom into a successful woman.
I learned so much and  I will share it with everyone I know. I will start with my nephew and niece. 

xoxoxo Liz

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