Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope your thanksgiving was as amazing as mine, filled with family, love and blessings. This year has been tough, I have been off from work for a couple of months, financially I am barely getting by and Physically I am ill. But I have faith that God will turn things around for me an that this trial and tribulation will pass from me soon. But even though my life is not as peachy as I would want it to be, I still have many things to be grateful for. I am grateful for Family, for Friends and Loved ones. I am grateful for my nephews, every day they inspire me to be better. I am grateful for my mother, That I still have her in my life. I am grateful for my JZ for his unconditional love and his patience. But above all I am grateful for my life, for the air that I breath, for the opportunity that God has given me and is getting ready to give me. I am grateful for my Pastors and their teachings and prayers and I am grateful for my school. Thank You Jesus for all that you give me and for loving me.

xoxox Liz

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