Saturday, November 5, 2011

When Life throws you lemons add strawberries and make Lemonade

Greetings and happy Saturday.. I just finished my PT which consists of stretching and resistance bands. I have been sick for almost a year, and right now my body needs some major rest and TLC. But I know that it also needs to move. I am limited to many things including the gym, mostly because of the pain. I get frustrated at times, but last week God spoke to me and as I was complaining about how long its been and why I am not getting better, the following phrase ran in my head
"It took you 8 years to damage your body... what makes you think you will heal it in a month?"
Point made and taken, so every day I make sure I do my part in the healing process, I eat less and healthier, I take my walk and I do my PT. I am doing my best under the circumstances and I have learned to be patient.
On the positive I am able to rest, catch up on some much needed and oh so over due sleep. I am able to go to church and work on my communion with God and I am able to spend some over due quality time with my mom. So for now  I will pray for healing trust God and Listen to my  Dr. and follow his care and do my Home Stretches and give my body some TLC.

Monday I was able to stop by and support my nephews in their school's literature parade. My little Cowboy/ Rango and my Little Mermaid, they looked adorable. We had so much fun and spent the afternoon together, grabbed a couple of happy meals and had an awesome afternoon. At home we had  some singing and dancing, courtesy of the nephews, they put on a show for me and it was great.

So like my tittle states.. " When life throws you lemons... don't let them get you bitter instead grab some strawberries and make some yummy Lemonade =D.

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