Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can't buy self esteem at the the Mall

so yesterday I spent the entire day at the Century City mall, and u was planing on going to Watch Sex and the City, but it did not happen.. all showing were sold out until 10:45 pm. Anyways I spent 3 hours at H&M and I came home with some goodies. Then we headed to Bloomingdale's.. and the MAC counter while there I was paying attention to my friend and i realized that we are all not blessed with High Self Esteem, that some of us our parents have left deep wounds that effect the way we look at ourselves when we are adults.
I wish that all girls and women had loving mothers to show them how to become independent and strong women , but that is sometimes not the case. And sometimes we need to look inside our souls to learn who we really are and all the negatives that others say about us should be erased from our memory banks

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day..

hello every one, I am taking a couple of minutes to update and wish every one a happy long weekend.. may it be fun and filled with excitement.

What are my plans for this weekend.. lets see
Friday: Date night with my baby we are going to see ( The Prince of Persia) .
Saturday : Girls day out with my friend Rosy continue my b-day celebration almost done, hit the Mac Counter and Watch Sex and the City 2
Sunday : Church with Family and Lunch with Mom maybe we take a trip to Macy's
Monday: BBQ with the boyfriend..

I will make sure I get some rest specially since my Nephew AKA my partner in crime will not be home this weekend I have to find something to do.. so I will keep myself busy.

And even though I do not have any one in the Military , living or fallen I want to Thank the Families who do and send them Blessings and a Great Big Thank you to the Men and Women of the Armed Forces those who served and those who are still serving.. May God bless and keep you all safe.
And for those heroes whom we remember this Monday.. THANK YOU!!!
"What greater love , but to sacrifice ones life for others.. for that I thank You ".

xoxoxoxo sea

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OMG!!! a 2 year old Smoking 40 a Day

What has the world come to when I see a story on a 2 year old whose father gave him his first taste of tar at at the age of 18 months and now at 2 years old he is addicted to smoking.. not 1 but 40 cigarettes a day. Obviously there are no Child protective Services in Indonesia.
if you want to see it for your self here is the link

smoking toddler Ardi Rizal

tell me what was ur first reaction.. My friend GO said

"If i did not see this for myself i would have never had believed it."
The boy has the mannerism of a professional Smoker

Friday, May 21, 2010

Indian Food Yum Yum ..

Hello there been away due to Family issues... UGH!!!! any way I am back and I have so much that I missed posting.. like my Birthday.... I ate the cake and did not take a picture so I will post a picture of that later..

I am still celebrating I use up the entire month to celebrate.. Yesterday I went with my friend Jo to eat Indian food. First time and I was not sure how it was going to be. we went to the Electric Lotus on Franklin and Vermont . And even thought he reviews were mostly negative, I really enjoyed the food. So try not to listen to others and their reviews.

Here is the address : 1870 N. Vermont Ave. (Franklin Ave.) Los Angeles, CA 90027

We had Curry Chicken with Yellow curry mixed with red bell pepper, Spinach and potato's and lentils (Yum Yum) and flat bread.. really good. And the Service was nice, maybe just a bit too eager to help. The best part was at the end we had this nice waiter who came to pack up our food to take and boy was he fast... it was like a mini show..very humble.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

NEVER GIVE UP, Nick Vujicic in a School

WOW!!! he is Amazing!!!!! You are beautiful just the way YOU are!!!
those words are the best ones I have heard.. and I will let everyone that I know..
just that .. that they are loved just the way they are


Hi.. Everybody in Cyberspace...I am sooooo excited that we are in the month of May... its my Birth Month and I plan to enjoy Every day of the month..

On 04/30 -- I went to see Nightmare on Elm Street.. it was good but totally prefer the OG one. Then went to eat a whole platter of sea addiction .. with my Shibi..

on the 1st 05/01 -- went shopping with mom.. found a cute spring dress that I will wear for my Bday..had lunch and had some quality time with mom..then went to dinner and had the best shrimp tacos ever with my shibi...

on the 2nd 05/02-- I went to church ... love Jesus and will be going out with my mom again in the hunt for new dress pants for Dad.

tomorrow the 05/03-- back to work Yuck!! and will go to the gym. Yeah !!