Saturday, July 10, 2010

staring at the sun...

I am looking at the picture that I am using on my Blog and I can only say WOW!!!!.. the wonders that God has created never cease to amaze me..

My Nephew asked me the other day what was the thing that I like the most in the entire world? When he saw that I was taking to long he said "OKAY!" what animal do u like the most out of all that Jesus Created.

So I said.. Me, YOU... he looked at me with those huge brown eyes and gave me the look , as if he was trying to not feel sad for me.. for not seeing how great a Blue whale is or his favorite the Killer Whale.And trying to understand why I had chosen to say Us.

But I proceeded to explain to him.. how wonderful I thought he was.. How God created him PERFECT. How our Creator made us so wonderfully equipped with skin that feels and touches, but keeps us all together, How he gave us a wonderful pair of eyes so that we can see the world, colors, the sky our loved ones. How we are the best machines ever with our brains and our hands and our ability to think, how we have a heart that lets us love, how it allows us to feel empathy and care for others even if we don't know them. How our legs carry us every where and how the blood that he put in us cannot be replicated , how we are the most wonderful machine ever created with living organs that keep us alive.

He then grinned as only he can and gave me the "I get It " look and a head nod.. he finally understood how we were the greatest thing that GOD has ever created and how valuable we are to him and how special we are.

PS.. He loves whaleas and sea life.. I love Jelly fish.. I want one .

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