Thursday, July 8, 2010

My 100th Post...Rigths/ Freedom/ Equality

I had been wanting to post something for the entire week.. but I wanted to make it an extra Special Post , since it will be my 100th Post.

This week unconsciously I have been watching videos that show the trials and tribulations that women have to deal with around the world. On the weekend I saw a Documentary called "The Burqa Battle" on the French government's steps to ban the use of burqas.

And yesterday I saw a movie titled "The Stoning", about an American woman in Iran who gets rape and eventually is stoned to Death for Adultery. Anyways after seeing both of these movies, I could only say how grateful I am to be living in this country. I was thinking about all the freedoms that we women have and that we take for granted.

We have the choice to decide to wear what ever we want and go where ever we want and not fear being beaten and stoned to death. How a woman in the States has the right to speak her mind, to choose who she will marry, to be free to enjoy her sexuality, has the ability to earn a living and own property. How we are able to get an education and become successful doctors, lawyers, teachers or what ever we might want to become. How our parents would never think of hurting us for choosing to marry a boy/man outside our own race, color religion.

And just right now reading THE UK TIMES ONLINE I came up with the following story (The picture is also from same site.

Iran backs down over stoning execution (Martin Fletcher July 8 2010 5:42PM)

Iran has backed down in the face of rising outrage and announced that a woman convicted of alleged adultery will be spared execution by stoning. But it is not clear if Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani will be executed by hanging.

To read the full story please visit FOX

and all I could say was WOW!! I had just watched a movie about this yesterday and I had not seen the real story in the news. I for one don't mean to disrespect any ones religious beliefs or ideology, but I do believe that we are all created equal and that we all have civil liberties and right that NO ONE has the right to take away from us. That both men and women are equal that one is not better than the other and that GOD is the only one that can judge us. That we are all sinners and that we have No right to declare someone unworthy of life. That women as the agents that brings life into this world should be respected and love, that No man should impose his barbaric and small minded ideals on one particular group. And that as Citizens of this Earth we should all raise our voices and Call for a STOP to all these Human rights Violations that are occurring to women every where.

I am so grateful to be free and to live in this Nation, I am grateful that my Mother, Aunts, Cousins and Nieces and all My female friends do not have to worry about being persecuted and punished like these women.

But I am also sadden to know that there are millions of women around the world that are being mistreated, murdered, raped, and dehumanized.

I am sadden to live in a world that still views and treats women and 10th class citizens and how in some countries even animals have more rigths than they do.
I can only Hope for a Better tomorrow, but this can only be achieved if those of us today take a stand and vow to make a different tomorrow.

I would like for all of us to take a minute out of our own lives to try to help those who can't help themselves, Lets get educated and lets make our voices be heard.

Please visit Amnesty International and get informed and get Involved.

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