Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rodarte / MAC / Juarez-- NOT a good Combination

As many of you might have heard that MAC is going to change the names to their up coming Collection which was a collaboration between MAC and Rodarte (better know as Kate and Laura Mulleavy) which is set to be released on 09/15/2010.

many may not understand the problem and may also ask themselves " what's the Big deal"?

Let me help you understand why this was not such a great Idea. Ciudad Juarez is a city were over the last decade more than 400 women specially young factory workers (from the ages of 12-22 years of age) have been murdered, victims of FEMICIDE, rape, torture. A ghostly town were even the name Juarez evokes fear in me and I am no where near there.

If you really would like to know more Google OR go to Wikipedia and type in Juarez, Murder, Women or read these articles.

You would think that more thought would go into the creations of certain products. Specially products that are marketed to young women. Guess someone dropped the ball on this one. I can understand the Rodarte's lack of intelligence..or their eagerness to make a name for themselves at all costs, But MAC.. really they have been around for ages and ESTEE LAUDER. it's mother brand?? How could this slip by you??

If anyone actually looked past their comfort zone and actually cared about what going on right behind their back yard, they would have known that "JUAREZ" was not such a good idea. Some how a town know mostly for deaths and rapes of Women.. would not be such a great choice for me to get inspiration. Specially one that is so ghostly.. Next time do some research and think before leaping.

Both Mac and Rodarte or the creators Kate and Laura Mulleavy, should have done some Due Diligence.. RESEARCH.. or did they think that it was going to be a cool thing to do, to name make up products with names that evoke death?

Even "Quinceanera".. a blush set to be release as part of this collection ,as pretty as it may be..out of respect for the many Girls that were murdered before they reached their 15th Birthday or "Quinceanera".. I would not be able to buy it.

And take a look at their Promo Picture.. La Sombra de Muerte... She looks like death is creeping on her.

A Blush named "DRIFTING"..another one name "Ghost town" and many other names such as "factory," and "Juarez". Yes really disappointing, this campaign as well as RODARTES Fall 2010 Clothing Collection is missing a Sensitivity Chip.

And for the many that still don't see what's wrong with this, lets take this into account. I for one think that the Makeup Colors and products are beautiful, but the Inspiration and the Names are all WRONG!!..and the story behind the concept.. really a road trip through Texas?? And U mean to tell me they missed the Pink Crosses or the black crosses painted on light poles in and around Juarez in Memory of the victims??

I wonder how it would look if someone decided to take a road trip to Poland and the Auschwitz concentration camp and out of that they were inspired by what they saw.. wonder if any one would want to buy products named and inspired after that. Of COURSE NOT!!.. that is exactly what RODARTE is Doing. Inspiration.. call it CASHING in.. on the sorrow of others and I see Nothing ROMANTIC about death, Murder, Rape or Torture.

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you so much for this post. I am another blogger who has been posting about this issue. I wanted to let you know that there is a petition you can sign to put more pressure on MAC/Rodarte to do more for the women of Juarez.
    Please take a look, sign (if you agree) and spread the word.