Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You GOD for one more Birthday !!

PS..I found tis cute bear on line he is not mine, I just love him

Hello every one Yeah!! today is My B-day and I am unfortunately at work with a Flu and with some major pain on my neck/ back and shoulders, but I am grateful that I have one more day in this life that God has been so kind enough to lend me. Last night I did my Thank You prayer and I asked the Lord for guidance. I am also Happy to say that I know what I will study next, I am not going to say what my decision is, I will wait for a better time to share with all of you, But As a b-day gift I asked Jesus to help me achieve my Purpose and my Dreams. And to use me to help others achieve theirs.

 I called my Twin and I wished her a Happy birthday she is also sick with the Flu I think I gave it to her ( by the way in case you did not read my previous entry my twin is my now 6 year old Niece, we are born on the same day " so in her 5 year old brain .. that means we are twins.. =D.

I have been blessed with many Happy Birthdays and I am so Thankful for the loved ones in my life that remembered.. I don't know what My boyfriend has in stored, I did say I wanted to go to Disneyland.. but I am not feeling good so I don't think I have the energy to do that. And as far as my Wish list.. this is the first year that I didn't have a list of stuff.. I was more concerned with God guiding me into my right path that I kinda focused my energy into asking the Lord for that type of blessing.
 =(... maybe that means I am growing up and maturing.

At work my Friends decorated my area with happy birthdays decorations and we cut a huge chocolate Cake . Yum Yum.. and then we hit Shakeys for a not so healthy but oh so good Lunch =D.

Anyways I hope you are all in good health and I pray that God blesses all my loved ones. my nephews and my Family and me with Love, Health Prosperity and Happiness. For my wish I wish blessings for all of us who need them and may God give us many many more years to grow in his presence.

xoxoxo and Thank You

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