Thursday, March 25, 2010

RIPP.. Ripp.. the sound of Cloth ripping !!

LOL.. I did not realize when and where my pant tore on me.. for all I know I could have been walking around showing every one my yellow white thigh.

HA ha.. that sound so funny.. I bet they wondered why does this girl not match... My face and arms are golden and bronzed =( But the rest of me is as pale as a "Cullen" and as much sun as I might get on those parts I don't sparkle.. and I don't tan.

Anyways I am stuck on my chair until i can go home.. I have a 3 inch tear in the inside of my thigh and I am not about to risk making it a whole 12 inch long.

has this ever happen to any of you... I know mental note keep a pair of extra pants in my work area for emergencies and days like today.

well 45 minutes to go .. see if I survive... 2 break is over and back to work I go.

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