Monday, March 29, 2010

How many Loves can a Person Have???

So as we sit here today , I asked My co worker.. this Question " Is it really Possible for a man to say He Loves Two or more Women at the same Time? "
To me that is Impossible , it will be more feasible to get a rat to learn to drive a Car than for that to occur.
But i thought I would ask that question.. since the media is providing us with these scenarios and we are hearing every where how a man can cheat on his wife with multiple affairs and still claim they love the wife..
That to me is IMPOSSIBLE. I believe that if a man has two girlfriends or is dating multiple women , then he really does not love any of them.
But then again men are mysterious creatures and they might not see it the way I do. Never the less if my significant other has someone else while he is claiming to love me.. the truth of the matter is that He really does not care about me or any one else.
And its time women start to realize that they deserve to have one person that loves them and most importantly that they Respect you.
I was listening to a Morning show today and the topic was the worst ways to get dump.. one poor girl got dump via IM.. and another one via text and one poor woman was abandoned on an Island with no money and no way to get off the Island via ferrie by her cheating ' jerk" of a Husband. I felt so bad for them and listening to their stories made me livid.. its time we learn to value our selves and not settle for any Tom Dick and Harry. And Never allow your self to be victimized.. Cheat of me Shame on You.. Allow to be victimized Shame on Me..

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