Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lovely Sunday..with JC

I have missed my quiet time with JC.. ( Jesus Christ) my Lord and savior. Life has been taking too much of my time.. and I hate it.. I miss going to church and as weird as that may sound.. I am proud to say That I LOVE GOD and I love GOING TO CHURCH. I was missing my fuel.. i was spiritually running on empty.. when I don't make time for me and Jesus  I feel like Kitty Litter so I decided that even if I am not able to go to church during the week as much as I want to I can still be in communion with him. One way is by writing on my Blog.. see I have so much to be grateful to him that I can spend hours speaking about him... but I don't and I remember that when God manifests his Power in your life you need to tell about it so that others can learn from your experience.

Today I went to the late service which starts at 9:30 am.. yes we have an earlier one at 7am , but I was tired.. so I slept in , But it was not my doing.. I have realized that when ever i do that I receive such a blessing when I go alone to the 9 am service. 
Today was a day just like that I felt like the message was exactly what I needed to hear  and I had me time with the Lord. I was able to tell him how much I need him in my life and ask him to keep me safe to guide my life and to teach me how to be obedient to him, I received from him the certainty that I am not alone and that he will be there with me. That I only need to believe and seek him and he will be there to help me. I have so many plans for my life and today I placed them all in Jesus altar and I asked him to guide me to my future to bless my path and my decisions.. I am planning on getting married, something that my mother does not quite accept, but I trust that God will be with me and that he will protect me and keep me safe. 

I prayed and asked him to allow my mother to be more accepting and I asked for wisdom and strength to make my own decisions and not my mothers, I love her and respect her but she can not choose who I marry.. yes you heard that correct if it was up to my mother she would arrange a marriage for me, actually I think she had, but my brother took care of that for me... by simply saying to the person that I no longer lived at home.

Anyways I am glad I went to church today.. almost missed service because the time changed on me and second  I was tired.. but I was glad I didn't ..

May you all have a Blessed week and may you all know that the Lord in Heaven Loves all of us, all we have to do is humble ourselves and call upon him.


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  1. your a very pretty women :) Also love your blog!