Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Belated New Years!!!

I have been quite busy these last months.. as I mentioned earlier we have a blast giving the Knapp sacs to the kids who needed them, And I really  loved this years , I met some really nice kids who unfortunately are going through some tough times. But I believe in a Powerful God and he will rescue them.

we delivered the Gifts on a very cold and windy Day and that brought on my Cold . Had it since the week of Christmas and it stayed with me till today. I am bundled up in bed dying with a horrible cough.

So I had been in bed trying to rest, For New years I went to  New Years service at my Church. we started and 10:30 pm and at the stroke of midnight we end and start the year with a prayer and in the presence of the lord. Wonderful experience , even though I felt like kitty litter I made sure not to miss it. What made it extra special was my family and the addition of my Niece(4yrs) and Nephew(7yrs). They were sitting all bundled up in their baby blankets singing away.

So even if it's late I want to wish you a Happy and very Blessed New Years!!!!

may this be the season for your harvest and may it be plentiful. may all your dreams and hopes be realized and mat the road to your destination be guided and secure.

XOXO and blessings in all your 2010 plans.

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