Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smile even though your Heart is Breaking... Just Smile!!

Hello there just needed some time to vent so I am posting this Blog..
Sometimes life is so hard that you feel it is a Joke.

The hardest thing in life is to be the responsible one. It feels like the world depends on you and that can be tired some. 

 I am single and I have no Children of my own, but I feel like I am a mother of 12. I am the eldest and My parents depend on me for everything, Sometimes it gets draining. 

I have a full time job that is very demanding, by the end of the day I am so tired all I want to do is go home and sleep . But even though my work day is over I am not done working.

As soon as I get home , I have to do homework with my nephew, who lives with us , I have to listen to my parents and answer questions, look at mail , get bills and focus on their needs.

Needless to say sometimes that can be overwhelming and makes me want to run out of the house as fast as Possible. sometimes I am afraid that if something happens to me what will happen to them ? I think they depend on me to much and  that it is draining.

Sometimes I fear that I won't get to form my own life because my entire life feels like it is focused on them and making sure they are ok.. 

I pray that God sees me and helps me xoxoxo

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