Monday, December 21, 2009

HAPPY Holidays!!!

Sorry I have been MIA... been super duper busy at work, and thinking what to do with my life.
I find myself  pondering about life and where I am headed.. 

well the Holidays are here and I want to wish you all Happy Holiday season. Tomorrow I am headed with my friend and we will be distributing nap sacks. 

 I should have posted this a while back specially for those of you who might had wanted to make a donation.. but We always have next year. 

Anyways I will be busy tomorrow with this and I will try to take some pictures of what we do, but i really do not like to take pictures of who we give the things to.. don't like to just does not feel right.

anyways I hope you all have a blessed time with all your loved ones, and remember to share with those who are less fortunate..

xoxoxo sea 

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