Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You!!

I would like to take some time to Remember and Thank all the Military Service men and women who have given their lives to defend and protect this Nation.

Thank you to the mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, and children whose loved one is serving or has served in the military, and a Specially to those who have lost a loved one.

and to the Fallen Soldiers and the ones who are in Active Duty, and to our Veterans , I thank You for providing me with freedoms that have come at such a great cost.

I thank you for selfishly putting on that uniform and placing your life in harms way to protect this nation.

There are two things that I choose never to write or discuss because I have respect for others , but Today I will mention both of them .

1. Religion , Thank you for giving me the right to believe and worship GOD, and for that I ask him in the name of his only son JESUS to Protect and keep you safe. I ask him to be with you on those lonely nights as you walk in harms way , I ask him to be with you at your side and most importantly I ask him to bring you all back Home.

2. Politics.. I would like to express how much I support our Armed Forces, but I value their lives more than anything else, and I would love it if our new President would actually keep his campaign promise which was to bring the Troops back home, Instead of deploying more to Afghanistan!.

Empty promises is not what we need, a moment of silence is nice, but seeing someone alive is better. Staring at the Pictures of fallen soldiers for TV time is just a gesture.. deciding to bring them all back that is Action!!!

The say they are fighting terrorists abroad, in reality we have that here at home, worry more about your citizens and protect them and your service men.

Blood is to much of a High Price to pay. Some times a wise man .. decides to retreat and win .. instead of continue the fight and loose more lives.

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