Thursday, November 5, 2009

HI.. Long Time...No hear !!

As I sit here . And remember how life used to be a couple of years ago, All I have to say Is Thank You God, for saving me and My Family. I have been busy and have not had time to update my Blog.. work, Family Obligations and Life.. have been overworking me. When that happens I know I need to slow down and take some time for me.. Usually that time always involves Jesus and My Church. when I am tired and Drained I take time and go more often to Church and recharge my self. So I have been doing that and Slowly I am feeling a bit better.

I haven't even gone to the gym in 3 weeks... OMG!! I can not allow that to happen I am on a mission and I will conquer..

break is over.. just wanted to tell you whenever you feel like life ,parents, work, school are drowning you.. always look up and call upon Jesus.. he is always right there waiting to give you a hand.

Blessings and XOXOX... Liz

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