Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Special News...

Hello every one... I have not been able to log on and write on my blog because I have been sick. Who knew that a pain on my shoulder would last this long. It was more than just a tiredness.. there is something really wrong, I have been in pain for almost a year and it doesn't seem to end, That's why I have been MIA and haven't been able to update. Actually I haven't been able to do much typing this will guarantee a pain on my right hand and some major swelling. The worst part is that it seems like since its my pain.. Dr and Insurance don't seem to care. But Thank God I have him... I am putting my health , My life and my future in his hands. And I trust he will not let me down. Right now I have so many limitations.. my life is on Hold... I will say that even in Darkness God always lets his Light shine.  As far as answering prayers he does more than that, He manifest is works in our lives so I know that this illness, pain will soon be a thing of the past and Gods name will be glorified.  As for now I need to rest and trust in him.

Oh Yeah before I forget.. I have decided what to do  with my life, with Gods Guidance I know I will get to full fill my destiny. It might just take a bit more and more work to get there.

I am also happy to announce that God is awesome and has open a door for me to continue my education. Come January I pray that I am feeling better health wise and ready to start my Masters Program at USC. =D Yes I was accepted to USC's  Master in Social Work Program and I am so excited to start. To God goes all the Glory and I pray that He continues to use me as a vessel to share his greatness with the world.  To all those who believe in a God of greatness, I tell you that he exists and No dream is too high and No obstacle too great that He can't overcome.

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