Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creative Memories

Yesterday my brother and I helped the kids to create some awesome Pumpkins.  This was the first year we allowed them to do so. My nephew was excited.. but they still need more time to learn how to use a sharp object.  My niece was loving the getting your hands all gooey with pumpkins guts. D wanted an angry birds pig and my niece wanted a dog. So I think they came out pretty nice and the best part are the memories we created with them. As kids my dad would let my brother and I carve our own pumpkins and we remember how much fun we had. After my mom found her way back to Jesus we stopped celebrating Halloween and anything that came with it. Pumpkins was a part of that, but we remembered how much fun it was to carve the pumpkins and the time we spent with dad making them. Growing up we didn't have many of those memories, so we decided to let them experience the carving of a pumpkin, we stayed away from the ghost and scary faces and instead we created works of art. I know people will judge and criticize us, but I pray that God sees the intention of our hearts was to spend some quality time with the kids and create a lasting memory. The smile on their faces says it all, they were so proud of their carvings. They said the other pumpkins have scary faces with triangles, but ours are happy and even have ears. Its hard raising kids in this time and trying to instill in them values, which include Tolerance and Acceptance. And its specially hard to make them understand things that many adults have a hard time grasping. We pray that God keeps his eye on them and that they chose to grow in his presence and serve him. But that is for them to decide when the time is right as for now it is up to  us to guide and show them the way. While at the same time teaching them to respect other people and respect their choices and beliefs. They need to learn that we need to treat people and respect them the same way we expect them to treat us.

So I pray that you all have a wonderful week with your loved ones and may the Lord keep you all safe.

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