Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello and Happy Carmageddon!!!

Alice in WonderlandHello everyone.. I am back.. I Had to take some time off to re cooperate my shoulder arm and is still messed up but I have to work with what I have.  I trust in God and since the Dr. cant help.. I can only trust that JC will fix it.

Secondly.. I have been busy filling out applications.. I decided to apply to Grad school and I had statements of purpose to write, rresumes, letters of recommendations to ask for and all that good jazz. I was able to submit them on time and meet the deadline and now its just a waiting game and Praying that GOD breaks this door in for me =D,

So I am feeling excited and faithful that my future is taking a turn for the best. I also spoke to the Boyfriend and it seems like he is ready to move to the Husband category.. so Lets see what happens there =D

Hope u are all having a Blessed and Happy Summer and that it turns out to be the Best summer yet.

Today I am leaving early to have a Tea Party with my nephews.. we will transform our gazebo into Wonderland and will make our own Alice in Wonderland costumes with masks and all =D.

My Nephew will be the Cheshier Cat (Tim Burton One)

My niece will be the Rabbit and I will be the Red Queen  LOL!!! it  will be a blast..

And don't forget if you are on the West side near the Sepulveda pass.. stay at home and have a fun weekend. , remember the 405 fwy will have some closures near the west side.

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