Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dream in Color

When I dream, I dream in color, and most of the time I dream with my eyes wide opened. I love to imagine what life has ahead for me and I make plans to make sure that I have something to look forward to and to have something to work towards. Over the last couple of months my life has changed drastically. I became ill and eventually lost my job, at first I was sad , but I soon discovered that God had bigger and better plans for me. In September I was in so much pain I wanted my arm to be cut off. I prayed and was so grateful to have some time to rest. Unfortunately the rest didn't make the pain go away, I felt like an 90 year old great grandmother, unable to brush my hair, cook a meal and even unable to make my bed. for an active person , having your body break on you takes an emotional toll. But Like I said God had plans for me, but I needed to decide what I would be willing to do. I applied to school even before I was really sick, delayed enrollment two times, I was not going to be able to delay it anymore . So I took a leap of faith and I told myself if I worked 40 hours shifts in pain, I can take two 1 hour classes once a week. So I did and now I am two weeks away from finishing my first semester of Grad School. My body is still recuperating, I am still in pain, But I am grateful I didn't wait and lose my opportunity to attend school. It has helped me to focus on getting better and not feel sorry for myself. So when life seems unfair and everything seems to be against you, don't give up, look for the rainbow that appears after the storm and hold on to your dreams, and make them a reality.

 after my Masters... Law School here I come.. and I come in the name of Jesus who strengthens me!! my body may be broken, but my Spirit is strengthen in Jesus who Strengthens me.
And as my School says... FIGHT ON!!!

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