Monday, August 22, 2011

SeaWorld and Mini Vacation

We just came back from our mini vacation in Seaworld. I had a blast  with my BF and my nephews. we specially loved seeing and getting splashed by Shamu, we were completely soaked and left dripping wet. But it was worth the pain and discomfort, I had promised to take the kids to Seaworld if they finished their work books that I created for them for their Summer vacation. So every day they had to work on the book and try to finish it before going back to school. They were good and did as we had agreed so I needed to keep my side of the bargain and off we went to sea world. They had an Amazing time, and I was glad to be able to do this for them.
By the way my nephew's teacher said he started the school year with a Bang and was ready for 3rd grade, he told her, that his aunt had made him a work book to study while on summer vacation and that's why he was ready =D.
 in case you want to know how to created the book, its simple there are so many Free resources on line for work sheets. I printed grade appropriate work and had them velobound in a book. My co-workers thought I was being mean , because I was making my nephews work during their summer break, but I think it was valuable learning time that we were able to take advantage of. So I really recommend this it helps them a lot.  I included fun work sheets like coloring ages and puzzles, connect the dots and drawings to make the work fun. I even included their picture and a special message to make it more personal, They loved their books and I loved the results.

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