Thursday, October 1, 2009

MMmmmm.. Sprinkles.. Pink Ribbon Cupcakes

Hello everyone.. Just wanted to tell you about something really interesting.

I just finished devouring 3/4 of my Pink Ribbon/ Strawberry sprinkles cupcake.
so so yummy =D and it's for such a Good cause.

Sprinkles will donate 100% of the Proceeds from these YUMMY treats to The Entertainment Industry Foundations for Women's Cancer Research Fund.
They are available from 10/01 /09 - 10/07/09 . So please stop by or order some online.

If you are like me and have lost a loved one to cancer and type of cancer please purchase at least one.. it will make a different . Maybe in the future some kid out there won't have to loose their Mom, Grandmother or Sister to cancer.

love ya seaprincess xoxo

to order on line go here =) ...

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