Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Check out my Poem - Titled Why?

My Poem  Why?
Inspired by the many times I was questioned why I chose to study Social Work

My Poem Why?
Constantly I am asked why?
To that question I reply
Because I opened up my eyes
I saw my surroundings, the disparities and the inequalities

I saw broken streets and broken dreams
Graffiti walls and dead end streets
I saw dead dogs lying on the sidewalk, as well as young men dying due to gang violence

I saw dead people walking, with somber looks filled with sadness, No sparkle left in their eyes, No dreams to bring them back to life

And Why is No one talking, walk past me like I'm invisible, treat me like I’m a stranger or a criminal

Trash filled alleys, with dirty mattresses, trash pilling on like mini mountains. Police harassment is so common, just like receiving a summons

The bird circling night and day flashing its lights to no success

No neighborhood watch, No community or unity
Broken houses, broken windows, broken families, Broken dreams

Constantly I am asked why?
To that question I reply
Because I opened up my eyes

I saw children lacking things and mothers struggling to make ends meet
I saw absent fathers...and boys aimlessly wandering with no super hero to guide them,

No loving words or encouragement, No little league games, No Role Models
A constant journey through the jail system going in and out like if it’s was a fast food   restaurant

I saw the youth walking aimlessly with No guidance, future or hope for a tomorrow, No education, No job and No College diploma.
I saw young people almost children making babies with no tomorrow, waiting in line for cash assistance
I saw old men with tired arms, with broken backs and sleepless eyes 
I see the sorrow in their yes,  

I saw the grandmas with gray hair working night and day waiting on the bus to take them home back to where they live, 
From lush gardens and clean and safe streets, back into communities filled with broken walls and broken dreams, with broken hearts and much despair... With No help coming from anywhere...

Every day I'm asked why?
To that simply I reply... Because I opened up my eyes and saw the sorrow in their eyes.