Monday, July 12, 2010

Gloomy Monday

Hello every one and I hope u are all having a wonderful day... I am taking a small break and wanted to write.. i feel Gloomy today.. and I wish I was some place else other than in a cubicle. Anyways.. I had a pretty good weekend. I slept and slept, and I spend Saturday with my mom.. we went to MACY'S and she found a cute sweater. Then we walked around Downtown and ate Ice Cream.. yummy.. THRIFTY ice cream.. they said its been around for Ages.

I went to Church and I had a wonderful time, and then I saw the new twilight Saga: Eclipse. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the movie. Then I spent the evening watching Old Movies.. saw 500 days of Summer.. I love that Movie.. if you have not seen it yet. go and get it.

well gotta go Break is over.. Oh the picture is of me and my Nephew.. LOL.. we love to play make believe.. I am a Panda and he is A Lion.. its from a Curious George board game..

xoxox be safe and have a great day.. focus on the good things that you have and It will make the day go faster.. mmmm... I work I get Paid.. yeah that's a good one.. HA hAhA ..

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